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Either in our corporate or private environment creating a culture of equality, where people feel valued and a sense of belonging has never been more important. We believe that in an inclusive environment, diversity is transformed into synergy, thus the level of innovation, engagement and contribution increases. Our mission is to significantly improve human relationships, and we are passionate about finding the right partners who share similar values and aim for a positive change.

My name is Janos Laincsek, Official Partner, Master Trainer and Licenced Practitioner of ICQ Global.

To me, Intercultural Intelligence (ICQ) is the foundation of leadership and a life philosophy. It is about empowering people to get along with themselves and others so they can unlock their potential within and in their team. ICQ is the competitive advantage on all levels:

As a company leader you become more inclusive and open to the insights and beliefs of your customers and employees while you are able to communicate your vision with clarity and integrity.

As a team leader you are able to tap into the wealth of knowledge, experience and creativity of your team and you can turn their differences into synergy.

As an individual you learn how to be confident by understanding the blueprint of why people think and behave differently and how to be competent by being able to see the same situation from different perspectives so you can make better decisions.

In order to transfer the intercultural knowledge (ICQ) to as many people and companies as possible we need excellent professionals – coaches, trainers, facilitators – who can help us spread this knowledge.

Our ICF accredited (10 CCE points)  Certification Training Program is already available also in Hungary either in Hungarian or in English.

We are very proud to have trained 13 outstanding professionals in Hungary in 2019 and equipped them with intercultural knowledge. Among our Licenced Practitioners you can find internal and external trainers and coaches, as well as HR professionals, senior executives and business consultants with decades of experience in their fields.

But what is it all about?

It is a multi award-winning, internationally endorsed portfolio of solutions based on the  Global DISC™ framework, complemented by numerous innovative tools, such as Global DISC QUEST™.

People are drowning in information and that rarely leads to transformation. Clearly you are different. You want to learn from experience, not from theories. It is almost impossible to fail at gathering more information (a new course, a new book, etc), but it takes courage to actually implement what you learned in real life.

The purpose of Global DISC QUEST™ is to help you build more awareness, expand your comfort zone and see situations from different perspectives so you can make better decisions and you can choose to respond instead of just reacting.

As soon as you discover the blueprint of why people think and behave differently, you will be able to choose the right strategies to turn those differences into synergy instead of painful liability so you stop wasting energy on fighting what you don’t want so you can use it to achieve what you really want. It is our mission to transfer this knowledge to help you make the most of yourself and others, and to live in a much happier, more satisfied world.

Our Partner Company, ICQ Global is a Brighton-based, multi award winning consulting firm, cooperating with a global network of certified trainers and coaches who are using a unique portfolio of tools which has already benefited Fortune 500 companies and national governments. ICQ Global is dedicated to working with leaders and teams who have a clear vision and outstanding skills, but they are not sure why they are getting just a fraction of the results they are capable of. The unique portfolio of tools and knowledge of ICQ Global is already available also in Hungary.

If you are ready for change and want to bring out the best of yourself and your environment, don’t hesitate to contact us now!

email: janos.laincsek@icqglobal.hu

telephone: +3620 499 0892